MS24585-C385 (MS24585C385)
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MS24585-C385 (MS24585C385)

Stainless Steel Compression Spring

Optimum Spring manufactures and stocks Stainless Steel compression springs in compliance with Military Specification. The military standard code or "MIL-STD", "MIL-SPEC", “MilSpecs" for compression springs for loads below 20 pounds is MS24585.

MS24585-C385 Description
MaterialStainless Steel AISI 302/304
FinishPassivated QQ-P-35
Spring EndsClosed, Squared and Gound
MS24585-C385 Geometry
d-Wire Diameter.038 in
OD-Outside Diameter.550 in
L-Free Length1.25 in
H-Solid Height.213 in
N-Active Coils3.60
TC-Total Coils5.60
MS24585-C385 Load
R-Rate5.331 lb/in
P-Load 4.201 lb
F-Deflection.783 in
f-Deflection Per Coil.2174 in
MS24585-C385 Tolerances+/-MinMax
OD-Outside Diameter.015 in535565
R-Rate10 %4.798 lb/in5.864 lb/in
P-Load10 %3.781 lb4.621 lb
d-Wire DiameterBy material specifications
Square Ends Within 3 degrees with axis.
(Grade B of procurement specification)

Other material and finish options:

Music Wire (MW) MS24585-385
MW + Cadmium Plated MS24585-1385
MW + Zinc Coated MS24585-2385
Stainless Steel + Passivation MS24585-C385
DFARS Compliant Learn about DFARS

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MS24585 Catalog by Material and Finish:
Music Wire Music Wire
and Cadmium
Music Wire
and Zinc Coated
Stainless Steel
and Passivated

Please browse our Mil-Spec spring manufacturer catalogs for the dimension and characteristics of compression springs for loads below 20 pounds

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