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Our Advantages for Domestic Buyers

"We are passionate experts in specialty alloy spring design and manufacturing for extreme temperatures and corrosive environments"

We highly value the trust you extends to us. We understand and care about your company’s product quality and production line performance.

This is why you can trust us to always receive our products with top quality craftsmanship, always shipped on time; anywhere in the world.

Quality + Efficiency = Zero Defect Delivery

Quality, Integrity and Consistency

Using the latest sensor technologies, we have the ability to ensure that our products are 100% inspected, resulting in a zero defect delivery. Because variations appear during spring production—due to changes in lubrication, tool temperature, material consistency—we use laser and electro-magnetic sensors to ensure that every spring we deliver stays within specifications.

Shorter Lead Times

Our average lead time is 2 to 3 weeks. By carrying a large inventory of specialty alloy wire in different diameters, we avoid the traditional 6-8 weeks lead times that specialty alloy projects typically demand. Chances are we have the material you need already in stock. This allows us to keep prices competitive and to produce large and small orders more efficiently and quickly.

Cost Efficiency

Because we process expensive materials and 60% of our production is exported to many countries, we understand the need to minimize material waste. Our technology detects springs that do not meet your specifications and are discarded and /or marked for easy identification, minimizing waste and time; making our high quality production very cost efficient.

Same Day Quotes

We will respond to you within 24 hours with a quote when you submit a request for a spring project using a specialty alloy material that we carry in stock with standard finishes. For spring projects requiring more research we will respond with a quote within 2-3 days.
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