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Comparison of Stainless Steels - Spring Wire Properties

The use of stainless steel springs has increased considerably in recent years. Several new compositions are now available to withstand corrosion. The following materials can be used for high temperatures up to 650°F.

convert to metric units
AISI 302/304
ASTM A 313
AISI 316
ASTM A 313
17-7 PH
ASTM A 313 (631)
Nominal Chemistry
Minimum Tensile Strength
psi x 103
125-325 110-245 Cond CH
E - Modulus of Elasticity
psi x 106
28 28 29.5
Design Stress % Minimum Tensile 35 40 45
G - Modulus in Torsion
psi x 106
10.0 10.0 11.0
Maximum Operating Temperature
550 550 650
Rockwell Hardness C35-45 C35-45 C38-57
0.286 0.286 0.286
Shear Modulus
c GPa
Method of Manufacture
Chief Uses
Special Properties
Cold drawn, general purpose, corrosion and heat resistant. Magnetic in spring temper. Cold drawn. Heat resistant and better corrosion resistance than 302. Magnetic in spring temper. Cold drawn & precipitation hardened after fabrication. High strength and general purpose corrosion resistance. Slightly magnetic in spring temper.
Common Trade Names
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